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Valley Cycles offers specialized and complete services including comprehensive check-ups, repairs, tune-ups, carburetor and engine rebuilds, tire changes, and insurance estimates and repairs.

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Valley Cycles offers a wide range of services: estimates, rebuilds, motor works, restorations, evaluations, and repairs. Please call to inquire about specific services.


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Valley Cycles works with customers to customize their motorcycles upon request.

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Valley Cycles is a world renowned specialist in the restoration of classic Honda CB750s, other classic Honda models, and British bikes, including Triumphs and BSAs.

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A Winter Tradition…

Located in Canoga Park, California in the heart of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, Valley Cycles is a family owned and operated classic motorcycle restoration, service, and sales business.

Valley Cycles’ was first opened in the West San Fernando Valley in 1978 by Kurt Winter, an award winning and world-renowned expert in classic Japanese and British motorcycles, in particular Honda’s timeless and revolutionary 1969 CB750. Valley Cycles has a decades long history of providing top quality restoration, repair service, and sales to the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Now operating in partnership with Kurt’s son Dylan Winter, Valley Cycles continues to offer a full range of classic motorcycle services and sales.


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The new (to me) 1974 Honda CB550 lives! Months of searching for an early CB550, finding one but having to replace the stuck motor and the reality of taking her apart to R&R the motor and then the assembly, I am proud of the results as this is a bike that sat in the same position in a garage in Corvallis for 27 years. I got it from the original owner who had all the original paperwork including sales receipt, title, owners manual and repair work up to when he parked it in 1993. She has all her patina, I did nothing more than wash, polish the chrome and new seat cover and replaced safety parts (brakes, tires, chain). Like a little swiss watch she purrs, the perfect mid size bike for a man of my...uh, advances state of decay. 13K miles and she should run forever.

I must give accolades to Kurt Winter, my mentor, confidant and mechanical wizard who basically taught me everything I know about Honda 4 cylinder bikes (and many other weird and exotic brands). I moved to Oregon in 1994 and just reconnected with him after more than two decades. I cannot express my gratitude for his friendship then, and am honored we can reconnect now. Thanks much Kurt, without what you gave to me I would not have been able to put together the CB550 seen below. I am lucky to know you.

-Barry Sommer


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6900 Deering Ave. Unit L

Canoga Park, CA 91303